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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Hye orked…
Today entry is about your aqiqah
Mama n papa buat ur aqiqah on 22/01/2012
Same celebration dgn moklang orked punye e-day
So..skalikan lg senang
Knp lmbt????
Sbb time tu ade rezeki orked
And tokma pon da bising ble nk buat..
Papa pon time tu dapat duit claim die…
So kitaorg pon decide untok buat..

Preparation for it…
Its more to e-day moklang orked
For orked yg mama pk
1)doorgift (gedik wpon xtau dpt bape pon bonus..hahaha)
2)candy bar as usual (ni sbb tokma n moklang pon, pe lg ditunggu)
3)ur DRESS..hehehe

For doorgift its very simple dimple
Mama bagi yasin skali dgn doorgift moklang
The theme color isorange+pink
Yeah!!its totally cute…

Ur dress moklang yg sponsor
White color same with her
Tq to ur moklang

There some picture during dat moment
Time ni mmg orked sgt2la hadoiii
Sgt2 urm..xtau nak ckp ape
Muke masam jeeee
Maybe panas kot
But please don’t be like that for ur second besday party ok…

sememeh je muke orked...hahaha..
but u look PRETTY!!